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Design Kuu Co. is a woman-owned Finnish design studio founded in 2010 - out of love for arts, colors, ornaments & nature.

Design Kuu's style is not typically Nordic, nor clearly Scandinavian - as vivid colors and extravagant patterns are often used. Still a lot of inspiration comes from the calm nature of Finland, its forms, textures and light. That's why we are proud to name our style a bit differently 'Nordic Maximalism'.​

Design Kuu's intricate ornamental designs for extravagant maximalist decor are created by utilizing nature's own mathematics - Fractals. Fractals can be found everywhere in nature: in the shape and repetition of a tree or in the symmetry of a snowflake. Fractals are perfect in their endless variations.

Sannaliina Kuussaari, Designer MA, Founder & CEO, Design Kuu

Design Kuu's founder Sannaliina writes about herself:

"I am a Finnish designer and artist from a creative family.


My father was an architect, my mother a crafts teacher and my grandmother a seamstress so I grew up knowing that I would become an artist of some sort also myself.

I have always loved colors, ornaments, light and music… always listening to it while working. Arabic or Sub-continental, sometimes Finnish... all music inspires me. I try to find matching points between various cultures, their arts and architecture. My curiosity guides my design process.

My style is not typically Scandinavian as I often use vivid strong colors and extravagant patterns in my work. Still a lot of inspiration I find from the nature of Finland (of any country actually), its forms and textures. I place my design work in a category of a rarer style - Nordic Maximalism.


I am always willing to learn more. I never hesitate to start with a new, unfamiliar material or subject. I see new tasks as creative challenges to be solved.

I have truly loved my work as a designer and artist. I feel blessed to have had chances to share my visions of colorful luxury and beauty. If I can make people happy with my designs, then I have succeeded in my work!"


Before her 2003 graduation as Master of Art from University of Art and Design Helsinki (Aalto), department of glass and ceramics design, she studied Fine Art techniques in Pekka Halonens Art Academy. 


As her studies included such techniques as glass blowing, polishing and grinding, stone & woodworks,  throwing, casting and firing, fine art print making in techniques such as stone lithography, copper etching, dry point, photogravyr, linocutting and silkscreen, she can handle a vast array of Art & Designing techniques. 

Since 2003 she has worked for her own company Design Kuu Co. Ltd as a CEO and Designer in fields of product design, mainly applied arts for textile products, fine bone china decorations, etching/engraving glass, designing high-end products and surfaces out of marbles and granites and creating patterns for various purposes such as graphic concrete that is usually seen in building facades. 

Her finest achievement has been seen by millions on the LED-screen façade of the iconic Burj Khalifa in Dubai, as her video art installation 'City of Future' was playing daily for a period of one month during summer of 2019. It was shown for the first time during Diwali festivities 2018 and has been shown occasionally again in 2020. Her interest towards the Middle-Eastern arts and culture started already when she was only 11 as her father was working as an architect in Saudi Arabia. Sannaliina was invited as a Quest Artist to attend King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, KSA 2019 with Abu Dhabi Art Hub.

Her previous collection of Design Kuu premium quality bed linens and high quality men’s dress shirts  feature more designs that are based on natures own mathematics, fractals. 


Design Kuu's product collection was created with the Covid-19 support of Business Finland 

Finnish Designer Logo by Ornamo, an expert organization in design. Sannaliina Kuussaari is a member.

- Nordic maximalist bedding and home accessories -

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